Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition 2013

I stumbled across Umbrella Prints a little while ago and have been drooling over their gorgeous fabrics, so I figured I would grab a pack ( or two or three) and have a little play. I had a couple of ideas in mind so I thought a couple of packets would be good in case I needed back up entries.


Being a fan of all things blue I was immediately drawn to the cool trimmings packet. Don’t you love the little elephants!


This was my work in progress – some patch-working which was lots of fun. I was originally going to make a patchwork band to insert into a neutral linen lamp shade, but I couldn’t find any bases that I liked, so a bit of brainstorming and down sizing led to the final design and shape of my entry.


A mini lamp shade – with the lamp base being a wine glass and floating candle. Perfect for brightening up the table when entertaining outdoors – or indoors as the case may be.

Candle-Shade-06 Candle-Shade-09

I had a lot of fun with these trimmings, they certainly inspired me!


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