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A quilt for Master 2 – Fin

It was a fine windy dry season day here in the tropics so I popped the quilt in the machine for a wash and line dry. My darling Mr decided to hang it out for me as I was dealing with a sick Master 2.

Needless to say we had a chat about hanging quilts out on the line when I eventually made it downstairs to find this…..


Which resulted in the nice clothes line mark you see in this (which is also my first picture of the pieced back – looks pretty good I think!)


All’s well that ends well – lesson learnt and I am grateful for the Mr as he really is a good egg.



A quilt for Master 2 – Part 4 Bound

So being house bound with illness seems to have sped up the binding process significantly this week.

Here are a couple of quick photos taken at home, when I am feeling better I will get outdoors and do a few ‘finally done’ photos.

IMG_8683 IMG_8682

And one of my blog name sake – just because.


A quilt for Master 2 Part 3 – Quilted!

Ten solid hours of quilting and its done! Some slight wonk on some of the lines, but pretty pleased with how it has turned out. Straight line quilting is a lot harder than you might think, as I found out.

IMG_8656 IMG_8658


Just adding the orange binding now – which really pops. Hopefully will be able to post the finished product later this week, hand sewing is not my favorite part of quilting.

Apples! Jelly Roll Quilt Pt1

Little Apples Jelly Roll

I love this fabric from Aneela Hoey, chosen for my first attempt at a Jelly Roll Race Quilt. Except I wont be racing anyone – this project will take a little time.

I did find a novel way to randomly mix up the strips. Enter Master 2……

Little Apples 2

Who loved to help! And was very proud of his effort

Little Apples 3

The quilt is currently a work in progress, so more details to come soon.