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Something for Charlie

A little while ago a lovely friend of mine had a sweet baby called Charlie. I decided to make a quilt to welcome him to the world and have been a little sidetracked until now. My plan is now to get it done before he starts crawling (so I have some time up my sleeve).

A sweet little cot sized quilt made from the Apple Jack line from Moda.



Cappuccino decided to help during the planning phase.



A little chain piecing and the centre panel was done! So quick, I never knew what I was missing until I tried it, chain piecing saves an bundle of time.

IMG_8724 IMG_8725


A quilt for Master 2 – Part 4 Bound

So being house bound with illness seems to have sped up the binding process significantly this week.

Here are a couple of quick photos taken at home, when I am feeling better I will get outdoors and do a few ‘finally done’ photos.

IMG_8683 IMG_8682

And one of my blog name sake – just because.


Introducing Cappuccino

He isn’t exactly at my feet here – which makes for a better photo anyway! He decided to join me while I was sewing last night up on the table in the middle of the action of course.


So a little more about Cappuccino. He is a prize winning Burmese who, along with his sister Kasey, came to live with me when he retired from the show circuit 11 years ago. He spent the first night hiding under the couch and the second night sleeping on my feet. He has seen off a couple of boyfriends and deemed my now husband as suitable to share the living and bed space. He tolerated the introduction of two dogs to the family and has survived the introduction of a Master 2 to the mad house. All in all he is a cool cat, although getting a little grumpy in his old age – but aren’t we all!

Another sewing blog….yeah yeah yeah

But its my sewing blog, a place I hope to post about my achievements, and my stuff ups, my love of fabric and creating. A place to be accountable for all those UFOs and to dream about future projects, all while Cappuccino is at my feet – or in the case of this post attempting to sprawl across the keyboard.

Special mention to all the other four legged members of the family, Kasey, Jessie and Allie who are all loved like Cappy, but none of whom feel the need to sit on my feet while I sew, type or even sleep. And to my Mr and Master 2 – lights of my life, especially when they give me time to sew.